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Diagnosis in later life

Adult ASD Assessment

ASD assessments are not just suitable for children. Using the same framework, we now offer assessments for adults to help provide an explanation for certain behaviours, or to provide peace of mind in later life.

Awareness and understanding of autism is increasing all the time. Some people with autism are diagnosed in their childhood, whereas other people might not have been able to explore the possibility that they could be autistic until adulthood. You may find some day-to-day tasks challenging, feel that you see the world differently, or have trouble communicating. You may have learned to adapt, but have seen something in the media or come across information on autism that you can identify with. Or perhaps you have a friend or loved one who displays traits associated with autism, and you want to support them. This is where the adult ASD assessment comes in.

Getting an assessment is a very personal decision, and some people may feel that self-diagnosis is enough for them. However, for other people, a diagnosis of autism can be affirming, and can unlock access to further support for you and your family. An adult ASD assessment differs slightly from the test administered to children, as the criteria change as you age. However, the fundamental process of understanding the behaviours and symptoms you experience in your daily life does not change.

How to get assessed as an adult

You can book a self-pay assessment by contacting Wellbeing and booking an appointment with one of our clinicians. Adult ASD assessments are multi-disciplinary and will therefore have therapists and ASD Consultants present. We are not currently commissioned to provide NHS Adult ASD assessments but are looking to offer this in the future.

During your appointment, your clinician will discuss your previous history and background. This will most likely involve a series of questions, and there is no right answer, so there should be nothing to cause you unnecessary discomfort. In the vast majority of cases, our clinicians are able to provide you with a diagnosis on the day to give you peace of mind.

What happens if I am diagnosed with ASD?

If our professionals conclude that you have ASD, you may have a lot of questions and queries. If you do have any concerns, these can be discussed with your GP or another healthcare professional. You may also find it useful to meet other people with ASD and join support groups. Remember that no two people are the same, so your experience of autism may be very different to other people's. At Wellbeing, we are here to help start you on your way towards understanding autism and its associated behaviours, with the aim of supporting you in your day-to-day life.

Approaching the topic of an adult ASD assessment

It can be hard to bring up the topic of an assessment with a friend or family member who may benefit from an assessment. It is advised that when you decide to broach the subject, that you are both in a relaxed environment to encourage cooperation as well as prevent your loved one from feeling overwhelmed.

How you decide to approach to conversation should feel natural and comfortable to you, but if you are looking for guidance, the National Autistic Society suggests saying something similar to: ‘I read something in the paper/heard a radio programme about autism and some of the characteristics sounded familiar, so I looked for more information on the National Autistic Society website.’ This allows you to broach the subject without addressing any particular situation, and avoids putting your friend or family member in an uncomfortable situation. Ultimately, it is the decision of that person whether or not they choose to book an assessment.

What happens if a loved one is diagnosed with ASD?

If your loved one receives an ASD diagnosis, it is important to not treat the diagnosis as a negative. You should aim to be supportive as they may have questions and concerns surrounding the news. Likewise, try to create a positive and calming environment for your loved one to explore the implications of their diagnosis in their own way.

We understand that a diagnosis of any kind can be challenging to come to terms with. Therefore, we recommend that you read this useful resource from the National Autistic Society for more information.

If an adult in your family has autism, this resource may be helpful in providing guidance, with downloadable information for parents, children of autistic parents, people with autism, and partners of people with autism.

Pricing & Appointment Information

ASD assessment - £1,750

This price is inclusive of VAT. The adult ASD assessment fee includes a multi-disciplinary diagnostic assessment with a paediatrician and therapists, and includes a comprehensive written report with detailed findings and support recommendations.

Where a payment plan has been put in place, the full cost of the assessment should be paid no later than 7 days prior to the appointment. Should you need to cancel for any reason, a refund will be offered if we are informed 7 or more days prior to the appointment. However, there will be a cancellation fee of £150 which will be deducted from your refund total. We must be notified of all cancellations no later than 48 hours before the appointment. All cancellations made within 48 hours of the assessment will be offered a 50% refund. This includes non-attendance on the day

For more information on our adult ASD assessment service, please contact our dedicated customer support team.

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