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ADHD Assessment

There are many indicators of ADHD, and understanding that these are part of a condition rather than behavioural traits by getting a diagnosis of ADHD can help friends and family to be more understanding and supportive.

In addition to our ASD assessments, we now offer an ADHD assessment both children and adults. ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a condition that affects people's behaviour - symptoms can include restlessness, a low attention span, and impulsive actions. Awareness of ADHD in society is growing all the time, and it can affect people at any age or stage in their life, as the exact cause of the condition is unknown.

ADHD symptoms can be mistaken for wilful misbehaviour in children, conflated with 'daydreaming', or even misconstrued as a sign of lower intelligence. This is very definitely not the case, and at Wellbeing, we are here to help you understand if you have ADHD, and offer strategies to manage the symptoms that go along with it.

Our ADHD assessments are carried out by a consultant paediatrician, and are available for either adults or children. Our paediatricians are highly qualified in ADHD for children and young people, and use a similar framework to assess adults, so this service is by no means limited to those in a younger age range.

What are some possible signs of ADHD?

ADHD can present itself in lots of different ways, and these signs can differ from person to person, and may depend on the age of the person concerned. Some common behaviours and signs associated with ADHD are:

  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty focusing or prioritising
  • Risk taking or impulsive behaviour
  • Interrupting others or talking a lot
  • Mood swings

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and should not be taken as a guide to diagnose ADHD. However, this may help you to understand if an ADHD assessment will benefit you, a friend, or a family member.

What is an ADHD assessment like?

Our ADHD assessments for children are conducted by a paediatrician, who will walk you through the assessment process in an approachable way. This is not a test, so there is no need to feel anxious - the paediatrician will usually go through your medical history with you, give you an opportunity to explain your symptoms, and go through any general background information that may have a bearing on the diagnosis. If you are attending with a child, you will be able to go through this information with the clinician on your child's behalf.

Every ADHD assessment is conducted by a Wellbeing clinician, and will include a thorough report as standard, taking you through support strategies, next steps, and full details of what a diagnosis of ADHD means for you. ADHD and its associated symptoms can be managed with educational support and advice in combination with medicine, if needed.

Where can I find out more about ADHD?

There are several organisations that provide information, advice, and guidance relating to ADHD:

ADDISS: The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service (ADDISS) is a hub for information, training and support for parents, people with ADHD, and professionals in the fields of ADHD and related learning and behavioural difficulties, supported by expert advisors on their professional board.

YoungMinds: YoungMinds provides details aimed at children with ADHD or related symptoms, reassuring them that their experience is nothing to worry about and offering coping strategies.

The ADHD Foundation: The ADHD Foundation outlines the support available for children, teens, and adults in the UK living with ADHD.

AADDUK : AADDUK is a website by and for adults with ADHD, containing items such as research articles, FAQs, and a forum.

Pricing & Appointment Information

ADHD assessment (2 hour) - £995

Follow up appointment (3o mins) - £350

If you decide that you, a friend, or a family member could benefit from an ADHD assessment, we offer the assessment itself along with an optional follow up appointment to go over any outstanding questions about the diagnosis.

Please note that prior to your appointment, you will need to provide background medical information and any other relevant details for the paediatrician to review ahead of the appointment, which may be discussed with you during the session.

Where a payment plan has been put in place, the full cost of the assessment should be paid no later than 7 days prior to the appointment. Should you need to cancel for any reason, a refund will be offered if we are informed 7 or more days prior to the appointment. However, there will be a cancellation fee of £150 which will be deducted from your refund total. We must be notified of all cancellations no later than 48 hours before the appointment. All cancellations made within 48 hours of the assessment will be offered a 50% refund. This includes non-attendance on the day.

ADHD assessments can be offered at Chelmer Clinic and Stapleford House, Chelmsford. For more information, please get in touch with one of our dedicated customer care team.

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